Showcased by available as of July, 2022.

Googles next bet is action, take control with

Google believes the future of the internet is action oriented, for this reason they created the .new top level domain. is available for a bank or entity that wishes to own and define the action associated with banking.

Banking Graphic

Send and accept payments using Stripe. 

Create a new documents using Googles tools.

Create a excel sheet or Team using Microsofts Suite.

E-sign documents using DocuSign.

Fill and sign PDF documents and forms with Adobe Acrobat.

Start a new online shop or online business with Shopify.

Technology companies have been quick to leverage .new domains. For a full list of registered actions, visit


Darragh Meaney

ex-Google, Youtube and Credit Suisse. Now head of the Zurich based Technology Consulting Firm who will broker this deal.

Own and define the action of the banking world.

“Less clicking, more creating” is the slogan for the .new domains created by Google. 

Pricing and Opportunity

This domain will be a package of the domain itself alongside 15 consulting hours from The price of this package will be 49,000 CHF (51k USD). Contact: to kick off the sale proceedings.

This leasing or sale will be handled by

A Digital Consulting agency focused on enabling the next generation of commerce.

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